Steps to take after Site Migration to Managed VPS

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    I recently migrated my sites from bluehost to a knownhost managed VPS. (actually, knownhost tech support people did the migration, but my sites are still not yet functioning)

    I have discovered that there is a VERY VERY steep learning curve involved with running your sites on a VPS (even a managed VPS) and to be frank find the experience completely overwhelming.

    I have searched around for resources or tutorials for people that have just had their sites migrated, but have found relatively little.

    I thought that perhaps people who have gone through a site migration would be so kind as to share with me, and others who no doubt have similar questions / issues, what steps one must take to get wordpress sites running after a migration?

    In other words, what additional configuration is commonly needed outside of what knownhost performs as part of its server migration services?
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    Hi peter,

    Please see the responses to your other post.

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