steep learning curve from DA to cpanel... help!

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  1. antolito

    antolito New Member

    Okay, sorry in advance for noob questions:

    So when my cpanel vps is setup and ready to go with 2 ips, whats the next step?

    signed up vps with:
    shows as:

    whats the order of steps?
    use root acct to add > create pkgs with (using > create domains2,3,4 using


    use root acct to create packages first > create > create packages within > create domains2,3,4?

    in Directadmin, admin, reseller and user was all in one place.. with cpanel, things are a bit different...

    please advise... and thanks in advance!

    I have 4 ips

    so should i do it like this? = IP = IP =

    then share with,,

    or is that overkill?
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello antolito and welcome to KH! :D

    This depends on how/what you are planning on using your VPS. If you're going to be selling space to resellers then in WHM create resellers and assign them a package which is their allotted space then create that reseller's domains assigning them to that reseller. If not then create packages and then create domains using those packages. The only time you'd create domains within a domain would be if you were parking or doing add-on domains which you would do in that domain's cPanel.

    Resellers and users are all in one place here as well which is WHM.

    You must have purchased an additional IPs although it looks to me like you did not need to.

    IP1 and 2 are fine. IP3 and 4 are not necessary as you can share IPs with nameservers and domains with no problems. The system pretty much just takes care of that all by itself after you have assigned a Main Shared Virtual Host IP in your initial setup. If you do want domains on a separate IP then you would set this to IP3 and all domains you create will be assigned to it.
  3. antolito

    antolito New Member

    thank you very much for the replies Dan!

    I dont plan on selling space to other resellers but I do plan on reselling space in general and have multiple sites hosted.

    The confusing part was how to glue and/or bind my main domain to the root user... meaning, I ordered the vps using, and it was created by KH as I was not able to direct to it by typing

    how would i create a user interface for so I can install clientexec, etc to it, create email accts, etc? Only way I was able to see that happening was to create a user within whm first so that i'd have cpanel to do so... but then, i would have to come up with a new user name, etc... and then use that to create the other accounts...

    thats what confused me... is that the only way? id have two login IDs then... root, and the new account one, just to administer my main domain... :confused:
  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi antolito,

    I understand your confusion and have been there myself.

    It sounds like you gave KH your domain name when you signed up and they set your hostname using that domain name. If you want to use that domain name then you are correct you need to create a package and then create the account (domain) with that package. Then you'll log into that account's cPanel and create email addresses and upload the pages for it. The only real main domain you have is your hostname (which you will want to make sure to create an A record for in WHM by the way). Everything else is completely configurable by you. The reasoning for this is that your main login gives you root access and the fewer places this is used the more secure it is. I personally do not even give any of my accounts SSH access preferring to do it all as root and then change ownership which works well for me but none of my clients want SSH access and I understand that yours very well might.

    Then after creating your accounts and uploading/creating your content for them you change the nameservers at the registrar to point them to your new nameservers.
  5. antolito

    antolito New Member

    got it. So far soo good. SO if I understand Cpanel/WHM correctly, As a root reseller, If I wanted to sell space, I would just create accounts directly in WHM as root, correct?

    but If I wanted to use my registered domain, then Id be creating accounts in WHM but not as root, but rather my newly setup reseller domain account?

    Will this scenario work?

    - Using root WHM as reseller itself to create new accounts for domain2, domain3, domain4 and having nameservers point to root's nameservers ns1/ns2 IP's

    - Create a new account for my own domain (not reseller status) in order to utilize my hosting domain name and be able to install clientexec, create emails, etc... and a starting point for people to visit who want to sign-up.

    - keep 2 extra IPs for any accounts that I may need to create needing dedicated IP's

    Will my own domain conflict with the nameserver dns records that KH setup for me when they created the VPS? Or are they completely independent of each other even though they share the same name?

    eg: ns1/ and

    Again, thank you for your patience as I work out this clutter... I'm probably overthinking this... :)
  6. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    If it's just you then there's no need to create a reseller account, it's all yours to do with as you please. Simply create all the accounts you need to in WHM.

    I was unaware that KH created nameservers for you, when I signed up they didn't. If the ones they set up work for you then simply use them no need to go to the trouble of creating more.

    Nameserver names and domain names do not conflict, no. But you will need to register the nameservers at your registrar which you should be able to find directions on in their help system.

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