Stats Software Bandwidth Incorrect


Very Happy KH VPS User
Hi guys,

I have a thread open on the cPanel forum too, but thought I'd ask here as well. All the stats software is reporting exorbitant bandwidth usage, while the usage listed in cPanel/WHM is perfectly accurate.

Here's a sample from one of the sites a couple days ago:

WHM is reporting 21.8 gigs
cPanel is reporting around 22 gigs
AWStats is reporting 46.71 gigs
Webalizer is reporting around 56 gigs
Monthly total isn't working on Analog, but the 7 day figure is showing 37.23 gigs.

They're obviously way off...more than double in all instances. Other sites on the VPS aren't reporting inaccuracies to this extent, but they are inaccurate too. The cPanel guys seem to think it's some issue with the logs, since that's what the stats programs use generate their reports. As I told them...what the heck would I look for in the logs to determine the discrepancy?

Has anyone had this or anything similar happen before?

Do you have any large files on the site(s) in question? If you're using Apache 2.x any interrupted download or request for last file modification will be reported with full file size in Apache log. As such if you, say, have a 5 MB flash file and had 1024 visitors who already have this flash file cached on their computers you'll end up seeing "extra" 5 GB of bandwidth usage in tools that process Apache logs.
Ahhhhh, thanks Paul!

Yeah, that probably explains it right there. Using Apache 2 and indeed there are large files (5-80mb video files) on the site that is showing the most inaccuracies.