Starting with my new VPS, dns troubles.

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    Hi, good day to everyone!!

    Here is the story

    I have a domain, contenidodigital net (enom) pointed to hostmonster nameservers.
    I bougth a VPS with that domain(in known host).
    I create an account with the same domain, because my bussines site is in that domain (the account was created making an import from my hostmonster cpanel).
    I register my new name servers in enom, ns1 contenidodigital net and ns2 contenidodigital net with my two IPS.
    I pointed my domain (contenidodigital net) to my name servers.
    I waited for names propagation.

    Here are my problems

    Its possible to buy a vps with the same domain i want to use for my account (cpanel)?
    I cannot reach my website (www contenidodigital net) that its inside an account).
    I do not understand the A record stuff.

    what im doing wrong ?

    thanks in advance for your help.
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    I'm not seeing any problems coming up here on my end. My guess is that you are seeing propagation issues. Different ISPs update their DNS at different intervals.

    To answer your questions:
    Yes, you give the server itself a hostname. Like a subdomain.

    As I said it's resolving just fine for me here. Give it some more time and I am sure it will be OK for you.

    When you create your domain it should automatically create the A records. When you created your nameservers you should have been asked if you wanted to create A records for them and your answer should have been yes. I did a dig on them and it looks like you created them from here.

    Propagation can take a few days sometimes. I have not seen it take that long for years now but when a domain is being changed it's more likely to take a while than it is if it's a brand new domain.

    Hope that helps!

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