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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Victor, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Victor

    Victor New Member

    Am soon to launch a new site on managed VPS (SSD1) which will have only one site installed that is Wordpress + WHMCS to manage billing for for some of my clients...

    Had planned from the start to set this up on SSL...

    My question regards new standard SSL minimum requirement as per: for valid IPN callback... And if the "Basic SSL" @ $49/yr as is available available from is the way to go...

    Any input from others more knowledgeable than I is very welcome.
  2. Timothy Kline

    Timothy Kline New Member

    Ever since I stumbled across them, I've been buying my SSL certificates from NameCheap. Others probably have their own go-to source as well.

    --Timothy Kline
  3. KH-FreddieA

    KH-FreddieA Technical Support Operator Staff Member

    Off topic, it's worth considering having WHMCS run on a separate VPS from your other servers to limit the impact of a hack / exploit of WHMCS
  4. Victor

    Victor New Member

    Thanks for that Timothy, I'll look them up.

    Good idea Freddy. It is only my WHMC host site going on this VPS (with a WP front page) although I can easily see now from how I worded my OP that perhaps didn't make that very clear.

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