SSL Certificate?


I have been wondering if I need a SSL certificate for my websites. I don't have any transactions at all, they are solely informational websites, but would setting up a cheap multi-domain SSL like Comodo's PositiveSSL Multi-Domain at namecheap allow me to secure my Wordpress logins when I login to work on my all of my websites? And eventually I will have employees logging in as well.

I didn't see any SSL's for sale here.

I also have noticed that some SSL's mention mobile support. Do not all SSL's support mobile? Would the SSL limit/change the way my websites function/appear? I thought the SSL cert would simply add the "s" to http and would otherwise be transparent.

I guess, since I am logging in to WHM through SSL, I am thinking it would be wise to set it up on the domains to secure my own personal Wordpress logins as well.
Yes it will allow you to secure your WP login. PositiveSSL Multi-Domain allows you to secure up to 3 domains and expand for additional fee.

KnownHost doesn't seem to sell SSL certs. Almost every modern mobile browser for iOS/Android/Windows work fine with SSL certs. Your websites will appear the same.

You can get cheaper SSL certs here:
One more thing. If I add an SSL certificate as above, will that require reconfiguration of the email accounts?