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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by opentoe, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. opentoe

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    I let my Dad use my outgoing email server and I set him up using SSL on port 465 according the directions. When ever his email program (Outlook) sends email out it pops up a message saying unknown certificate/host and lets him select yes or no to continue. Of course he selects yes and the email will go out. How can I make him a certificate to send him so he can install it on his computer to stop the screen pop ups? This apparently has to be done through WHM, because if I visit the cpanel and view SSL/TLS manager and select "Certificates" there are no certificates on the server, which is my host. I do see the area in WHM to do this, but don't just want to blindly start pushing buttons and doing things that I'm not sure what they do.

  2. Dan

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    Hi opentoe,

    This is typical of all cPanel servers as the certificates on them are self-signed. The only way around this is to either buy an SSL cert or not use SSL ports.

    And it would not be a certificate that you put on his machine it would be one that you put on the server ;)
  3. opentoe

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    Thanks. I'll just tell him to keep hitting "yes" for now. I'm not that familair with how certificates work so I'll refrain from purchasing any right now. He is still able to send email just fine.

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