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I have my sites hosted on a VPS3 server. I am getting ready to have VBulletin install a major update and they say the best way to do it is via SSH command line. I'm letting them do it because I'm not very familiar with SSH. They told me that I need to get the following information.

MySQL Server

MySQL Username

MySQL Password

Is SSH enable by default? If so, is the username and passwords the same as I set in the MySQL Database settings? I saw something in CPanel about generating a key, is that something that I need to do?
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Honestly, due to the nature and security of the information you're asking on a public forum, I'd highly recommend opening a Support Department ticket for the specific information your looking for.

However, SSH is enabled by default on port 2200. The user name and password for SSH access will not be the same as the MySQL user name and password, these are completely separate. Also, in regards to generating a key, that's dependent solely on whether or not vBulletin can connect with a key. They should be able to and is highly recommended over providing a root clear text password.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or please feel free to open a Support Department ticket.
Thank you. I did submit a ticket and got a quick and courteous answer and all is good now. I actually submitted a ticket last night but got an answer that I didn't understand. He answered like he assumed I had a brain or something and I just didn't get it. Today the answer was clear.

Actually, the answer last night wasn't technical but I was told that it was whatever I set it to be in the CP. That's easy enough but what I didn't understand was WHERE in the CP I set it. All clear now.