Squirrelmail Customization


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Hey all,

A client of mine was curious if there was a way to change the logo of the squirrelmail logo to the company's logo. I tried looking but could not find anything to change it. Does anyone know if this is possible?

If it is not in this instance is it possible to install your own instance of squirrelmail on the server? Any good tutorials out there if so?

Yes, you can easily change the logo image. It's just an image on your server. You'll have to do multiple steps and without changing some PHP code you'll be affecting that image on all accounts. But, squirrelmail is outdated you should try roundcube. I'll get you those steps in a moment...
Sorry, client of mine just realized they got infected with a crypto virus which spread to their servers. :mad:

The file you want to edit is located on the server in /usr/local/cpanel/base/webmail/paper_lantern/images/squirrelmail.png

You'll need to make a PNG image preferably the same dimensions 327x109, upload it to an account, SSH into your server, then move it to that above location, and change it's permissions. If you need more detailed instructions I'll be able to help later on, but if you're not comfortable with Linux commands you may not want to mess with it.
I'll just point out that modified files of the cPanel installation will be overwritten in subsequent updates. You can do it of course but keep a copy of the file so you can replace it again when it reverts.
Also, just to make sure you saw it, all clients of yours that use Squirrelmail will see the modified logo. Not just for that domain but all of them.
Thanks for the replies, Sorry for late response. I have been traveling on company business. My client agreed to hold off on it.