Sporadic huge performance problems


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I've got a VPS Ltx server that has been running a website that generally uses about 5GB traffic per month, so nothing huge, but not insignificant - there are typically always users online.

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that there will be some times that the site is unusable - it just took 90 seconds to load the forum page but "top" shows "load average: 0.37, 0.80, 0.74" - I'm really not using any processing power, have recently restarted MySQL and even rebooted the VPS last week to see if that would help.

Does sharing CPUs mean that if other users of the box are doing CPU intensive tasks it'll get this slow? I'm hoping there's some way of getting back to the great performance I saw when I initially signed up to KH as my users aren't too happy at the moment!!

Thanks in advance,
(Site in question is http://www.magichat.co.uk)

I'm going to PM you with some quick observations and asking for additional information which will be needed to troubleshoot this efficiently.