splitting up to multiple VPSes


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I currently have one VPS (Triple X) that is running DNS, HTTP, Mail, MySQL, and a few other things like cPanel, spamd, and etc.

As indicated above, I do have all my eggs in one basket. While the VPS is running extremely well, I do notice that there are some resource hogs to the likes of Horde (gotta have it) and dynamic websites (Drupal).

Lately I have been considering splitting up into multiple VPSes; dedicating a VPS to HTTP, one to MYSQL, and another to mail and DNS. Distributing resources should help with overall performance and scalability - plus help with a expected increase in traffic and demand for services.

Has anyone gone this route? What did you experience? What do you recommend?

I'd love to hear Paul's (of Knownhost) thoughts and advice on this subject.

Any links to info and guides would be greatly appreciated as well.
I, personally, will not suggest to move MySQL out as all your traffic between web server VPS and MySQL VPS will be accounted towards your bandwidth limit. Also things might start working slower as socket connection is faster that TCP/IP connection.
Mail / DNS - might make sense to move especially in case of standard cPanel installation - in case of heavy mail traffic exim fires huge number of local delivery processes by default which may kill VPS performance. Things are, of course, configurable but default exim configuration on cPanel system doesn't look performance friendly in case of heavy mail traffic. I'm not even talking about things like SpamAssassin / clamav...

If you're worried about your site speed I would suggest to move away from Drupal. In my opinion Drupal is one of the slowest and resource consuming PHP applications ever.