Speed up PHP and MySQL


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One of my customers has a website that is heavy on PHP and MySQL. The database is almost 7GB. I'm planning on adding LiteSpeed to my server to help speed up request responses. However, if I understand correctly, according to their website, LiteSpeed does not directly help speed up PHP or MySQL. Once we drop in LiteSpeed on a server with 8 cores and 16GB RAM, are there things we will be able to do to get PHP and MySQL sped up?

Thanks in advance.
Are you using a CMS, perhaps MySQL? If you are using something that inegrates natively with LSCache for Litespeed then it can offer a dramatic speedup.

You can ask our support team to review your MySQL configuration and we might be able to offer some tweaks to help things there. Generally at the end of the day the website itself and how well it is built, how well the DB is indexed, etc. are more the culprit of slowness than the server itself.
Thanks, Jonathan. It's a custom-built application. I think it's safe to safe that it does not natively integrate with LSCache. I guess I'll have to look into what it might look like for it to take advantage of LSCache.

One thing Anna in support suggested after looking at the database was increasing the InnoDB buffer size but then also suggested moving to a Dedicated server when she saw the size of the database.

I'm looking for tools to help find the slower code. I came across Blackfire but am open to other suggestions.