spamd out of control


Very Happy KH VPS User
Anybody else having issues with Spam Assassin memory usage in cPanel 11? Mine had gotten out of control the last couple days. A restart of Exim and such took care of it.

Noticed this as well. So far we just decided to restart SA / exim 1-2 times per day on our shared / reseller systems.


PS I guess this thread needs to be moved to cPanel VPS forum, so doing this now.
Doh! Thought that was where I posted it. Sorry about that. :eek:

Glad to hear I'm not the only one having issues. Hopefully the cPanel guys will get it taken care of shortly.

Thanks Paul!
No, we are still having this problem. Nobody over cPanel seems to have an answer either.
Sorry Bryan, I'm not much help with this issue as I moved away from Spamassassin when I saw the spike in resource usage.

Hope you get it worked out