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  1. pauljmac

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    Im trying to set up spamassassin with my cpanel VPS but with no success. I have it enabled with the default score of 5 but i still get massive amounts of spam in my inbox. I feel like i missing a step or something. Like i don't have the email filtering setup properly. I just want to delete everything thats marked as spam. Can someone let me know how i should have this set up?
  2. khiltd

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    Look at the messages' headers and find out what score they were assigned. If there is none, then SpamAssassin just isn't smart enough to mark them as spam in the first place. If it's lower than 5, adjust the setting accordingly or use a blacklist.
  3. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    I'm having this same issue. Here's the message headers:

    Is SpamAssasin not working? It's enabled for the domain at a score level of 5.
  4. Dan

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  5. ppc

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    Thanks for that Dan. I tried that, but still to no avail. Support later informed me that spamd was disabled, I didn't do it :eek:


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