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Due to a recent email problem, KH Support recommended discontinuing use of Box Trapper and rather enabling Apache SpamAssassin. This corrected my email problem but I would now like to monitor the Spam emails for a while to make sure SpamAssassin does not delete msgs from addresses it perceives to be Spam but that I need to view and add this addy to the WhitleList. SpamAssassin offers the option of enabling a Spam Box where Spam is stored in a folder named Spam. My question is, where is this folder located? Do I need to create it in my webmail? I enabled Spam Box a few days ago but have yet to see a single Spam msg and that is just not reality. Where can I view and monitor these deleted Spam msgs till I feel comfie without Box Trapper?
Hi WRMercier,

I'm not sure what webmail client you're using but sometimes you will have to go into the settings and set it to show a new folder like this just like you would in IMAP.

Hope that helps
Thanks Dave G and Dan for your info and advice. Unfortunately I still have not found the definitive Spam folder that contains the Spam msgs I want to review. Seems someone within this group would have some hands on experience with monitoring their Spam Box? If so, I would very much appreciate their input on how to keep an eye on what is being rejected till I feel comfortable that no desired senders are being tagged as Spammers. Any and all knowledgeable help appreciated. Thanks again both Dave G and Dan ! ! !
I was advised that the Spam Box Spam folder would be located within webmail. I have looked through webmail/Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail and have not found that elusive Spam folder. I even went so far as to create a folder titled Spam but it resides with not a single Spam msg within. Over the course of the past few days I should have had to empty the folder as it would be populated with an over abundance of Spam msgs. SpamAssassin is obviously doing a good job but I would sure like to find the folder it is redirecting the Spam msgs to.
Hi WRMercier,

You could always check in shell to see if a spam folder's even been created. This will list all directories and files in the root of all users' mailboxes
ls -ld /home/*/mail/*.com/*/*
If the domain isn't a .com then change that part to what it needs to be.
This admitted Newbie could use a little tutorial on how to get into the shell to have a look as you suggested. Thanks for the response.
What is PuTTY?
PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. It is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham. More specific information about PuTTY can be found on the Official PuTTY Website.

Using PuTTY
  1. Open the PuTTY application.
  2. Under the “Session” section, fill in the details specified here:
    • Hostname/IP Address: <ip address of your server>
    • Port: 2200 (unless you've altered the default)
    • Connection Type: <SSH>
  3. Click “Open”
  4. You will then be promted for the user's login details. You'll want to provide the user as 'root' with the corresponding root password for your server.
Sorry about that WRMercier...looks like I threw you into the deep end there without really meaning to!

Let me know if I can futher confuse...I mean help with the command line :)
Thanks KH-Jonathan for the PuTTY reference and not a problem Dan for your info. I am definitely a student wanting and willing to learn. Based on PuTTY program and the command line Dan provided, I was able to access the root. What I saw was a lot but no folders named Spam which indicates that I must not have this directory installed. Access to the Spam Box Spam directory seems like it should be simple? At least if you say it fast. If finding this directory is such a problem issue it begs the question as to what is the rank and file using for Spam protection as I find it hard to believe that a good number who has VPS hosting has not faced this same issue if the majority are utilizing SpamAssassin for their email protection? Thanks both Dan and Jonathan. I feel like I may be getting closer but no cigar as yet.
Maybe you have set to discard all spam messages automatically? Login to cPanel for the domain and under SpamAssassin, check the settings there.

Assuming your other settings are corrrect, can you try this:
1. Login to SquirrelMail webmail.
2. Click the Folder link on top.
3. Create new folder named spam (lower-case). Sub-folder is None.
4. Refresh the page to see if it appears on the left panel lists of folders.
5. If not, go back to the Folder page and at the bottom, Subscribe to the spam folder and refresh page again.
mylinear, your response gave me cause to reflect and double check. Went back and checked my config of SpamAssassin and while I had it enabled, I had set it to Auto Delete Spam. Even though I had the Spam Box spam folder configured, it may have been disregarding this and deleting the spam that I wanted placed in the Spam Box spam folder as it was just doing the job that I and SpamAssassin set to do. Going to disable Spam Auto-Delete which will hopefully allow the offending Spam to be sent to the Spam Box spam folder and try this for a few days and see what happens and will report back. Thanks much for all the advice and assistance to everyone who chimed in. Your assistance, info, and advice very much appreciated.

You should see folders created pretty quickly with the amount of spam you say you get. Only question remaining is does it create one for each user or does it create it under the root account, I could see it doing either.

You should see folders created pretty quickly with the amount of spam you say you get. Only question remaining is does it create one for each user or does it create it under the root account, I could see it doing either.

It's per-user.