SpamAssassin or Rspamd? Recommended settings?

SpamAssassin or Rspamd

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Hello all,
i'm kind of desperate because my servers are overwhelmed with incoming spam, and the default settings of SpamAssassin in Directadmin are basically useless..
So, i figured i'd ask for help here..
First of all, which is better: SpamAssassin or Rspamd?
Second, are there Recommended settings for either one beyond the default Directadmin settings?
For example, i've added the preference in the user_prefs, but it makes no appreciable difference:
score RDNS_NONE 3.0
Also, i get the feeling that SpamAssassin is not checking RBLs, not that RBLs are very useful in the age of AWS..
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
EDIT: my servers are CentOS+Exim