Spam! Spam! and More Spam!


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for those of you that want a little more info / stats from spam assassin, using a ssh session.

Drop the following code somewhere private... (from here )

then chmod +x
then ./ <usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog

output on my server is;
SpamAssassin statistics for entire logfile

Total messages:                Ham:       Spam:      % Spam:   
3194                           579        2615       81.87%

Average spam score            : 17.33/6.76
Average ham score             : 4.03/6.84

let me know if you need more instructions etc (aimed at people who can hack the way around ssh at the moment)

Spam Spam and More Spam

Do a Google search for Spam Killers and select the one that takes your fancy a free one With spam dont ever reply or go to any site listed to unsubscribe this way the spammers know that they have got a live e-mail address and you will get even more Dave