SPAM protection


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My suggestion is related to SPAM protection. As this is increasingly important in order to keep our IP's off banned lists it would be nice if you had an add-on SPAM protection. They are highly profitable.

Investing in a Barracuda or CanIT server and then offering this as an add-on service would probably generate extra revenu for you guys. I already use this service elsewhere with another company and it's reduced SPAM by 99.9%.

Also it's very simple for clients to integrate this add-on, all they have to do is change their MX records.

Anyway just a suggestion.

Roch Lambert
+1 on this

This is a reasonable suggestion. Spam filtering uses up alot of memory and processing power on VPS accounts, especially the lower end ones. It would make sense to "outsource" spam filtering to a machine/s adapted specifically for this process.

In addition to this, may I suggest a packaged VPS option that is suited for a mail server and spam protection. VPS account owners could purchase this VPS and point all their domain MX records to this account to handle spam protection and email processing.