Spam issues with domain registrar


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Go Daddy sucks at everything except marketing and cheap domain registrations.
I have several domains registered with them but all of them have nameservers pointing to other more reputable hosting services like KnownHost.

Do I need to worry about Go Daddy issues with spamming affecting my domains?
For instance, If is registered with Go Daddy but the nameservers are pointing to KnownHost servers then my domain cannot be hijacked by spammers targeting Go Daddy.

Thanks in advance for any input!
Hi stickman,

It sounds like you are asking if spammers can farm domain names from registrars. Yes although this can be done by doing a whois from anyplace, it does not matter whether you are using Godaddy or someone else. The only way to avoid this is by purchasing their Private Registration addon for the domain. Farming like this used to be far far more prevalent than it is although I am sure that it still happens. For a while Godaddy had CAPTCHA on their whois engine, I am unsure why they don't anymore but I do wish they'd put it back.