Spam Filtering Recommendations


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I am nearly overwhelmed with the number of spams that I am receiving, over 300/day. What do you recommend for filtering spam? I have heard positive things about gray listing, but I do not know much about it or how to do it. I do not have spam assassin in my cpanel. I am thinking about using boxtrapper. Has anyone found an effective solution?

Hi Alan,

If your resource usage allows your best bet would to be enable SpamAssassin. You can do so by enabling the "SpamAssassin Spam Filter" option at WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings and by checking the "enabled" checkbox for the "spamd" service at at WHM >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager.

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I use ASSP Deluxe for cPanel by GRScripts and have been very happy with it. I changed due to the load of Spamassassin being so high. To sure ASSP can use a lot of ram as well but the CPU load seems to be lower. There is also a lot more configurability and far more flexibility.