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Hey everyone. I need a little guidance on how to handle received spam emails. About every day or every other day, I receive emails not related to my website nor have given consent to the website's services that the email is related to. I used to use an online reporting tool called Spamcop for my personal emails and after a week or so of reporting the emails, I have not had spam mail since then. Now, Spamcop does not seem to be functioning properly at all and now gives me no choice of what to do with spam emails except to delete the message but of course that will not stop the spam emails from coming. Can someone help me in either stopping of receiving these spam emails through WHM and/or reporting these spam emails through a service either on KnownHost or a third party service? Thank you for any help.
Spam Assassin is a good first step to blocking spam, which you probably already have enabled, if not check in your webmail settings or in cpanel to see if it's enabled or not. You can adjust the scores to make it more or less aggressive. I bump it up a point or two.

Also make sure in WHM, under Exim settings, then RBL, that spamcop is enabled, you can also enable spamhause for a little more protection using public blacklists.

Those combined do a good job with probably as much as 90% of spam. Some of my clients I've had to also enable "Box Trapper" which can be a pain for them to manage, but eliminates 100% of spam. It basically requires senders to verify themselves the first time they email my client. Users must manage their own white/black list and check Box Trapper occasionally to make sure no legit emails are being held in it's queue. It does greatly clean up the users inbox but less savvy users won't easily understand how it works.

That's all the generic spam protection.

I receive emails not related to my website
If I understand you correctly, if you are only expecting emails to come into your inbox from your website, you could likely create an email rule to reject all emails from all other sources other than your website.
Good idea,... but not always the best solution. Some clients wouldn't accept that as a solution.

"Sorry Mr Smith, but if you don't want to deal with the spam any longer then I'm going to have to have you stop using your and start using" I don't think I would be his web/email provider for long.
Good to know, I didn't know you would do that :) this comes from years of being told by my old host " We won't install 3ed party stuff".