Something going on with the forum?


Is something going on with the forum? My unread thread indication is way off. The logged in indicator says 'Log in' instead of my name but when clicked pops up and says 'Oops, we ran into a problem!'.

I've tried in Chrome and Firefox and both have the same thing. I figured I'd give it a day but now on the second day it's still the same way.
Hmm, there shouldn't be, I've checked some of the cache settings and relaxed them a bit.

Refresh your cache and give her a try now.
That's really odd. I've tweaked some of the cache settings as they may have been too agressive. Give it a try now.
Hi Daniel!

That fixed it, everything's good now!

Was strange because I could see my original post here but not your replies.

All good now though :D