Some pre-sales questions


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Thinking about moving what is currently a relatively small forum from another vendor shared hosting to one of your VPS packages. Using cPanel and vBulletin on the current shared host... plan to do the same with the KH VPS.

Apologies in advance if these are silly questions, VPS is new to me.

One of my questions is will I be able to use PHP 5.3 on one of your VPS packages? Currently if I enable PHP 5.4 (and above I assume) it causes all sorts of strange errors and basically makes the forum unusable. Until I can prepare to upgrade the forum software to hopefully resolve that, I'd like to continue to use PHP 5.3.

Do you place any sort of restrictions or throttling on MySQL databases?

Lastly, I'm thinking I can probably perform the site migration myself but curious if you charge extra to perform that function?

Hi there and thanks for considering KnownHost!

Right now by default we do deploy our VPS's with PHP 5.4 due to the security fixes. It is possible and still supported by cPanel however to recompile using PHP 5.3 . I know it can be a daunting task at times but keeping your software upto date is a key component to making sure your website and server is secure.

There are no restrictions placed on your MySQL databases. You're able to create as many or as few of them as you want within the space and resources of your VPS.

You are definitely more than welcome to perform your own migration, and if you need any assistance we are always there to help. Otherwise we can perform the migration for you free of charge.

Let us know if you have any further questions!