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  1. Hi - just some presales questions

    1) which package would you recommend for the running of two wordpress multisite with buddypress activated for about 150users each and about 20 activated pluggins?

    2) I noted that lots of vps hosting offer a guaranteed and burst ram (like 512 guaranteed and 1g burst) but yours only state RAM 728 for example.
    a) why is that?
    b) what happen if there is an unexpected spike and you exceed for a certain period of time? Will you shut down the vps or charged?

    3) I have literally zero server management knowledge but would like to learn - how supportive will support be? This is real-life incident with my current vps provider:
    RAM 650, burstable 1 g. Installed Wordpress/Buddypress, activated buddypress theme and about 10-12 plugins. Only one member - me. Two blogs (main and testblog, about 2 test-posts each). Left unused one month into VPS package because of IP issue (dedicated IP given is banned by yahoo-host, still unresolve as of today) Last week, I was given excess server load warning and was recommended to move to dedicated IP due to how my site is affecting other people's nodes. Given 24 hours to solve issue. By the time I wake up and saw message, it was 8 hours later, and my container was already shut down. I request restart, and was given 2nd warning. I check - I had no new users registered, no new blogs, so I return an honest response - I do not know what caused the spike and tried to explain the site for unused, and that I need more help on what to do next. response: get it under control or else in a very business-like diplomatic way. Anyway, the next ticket response is that load is now "normal" but they will keep monitoring. And I still have no idea what caused that spike in resource use - which is why I am worried about getting a vps to learn about vps.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I see Justin replied to your Sales ticket so any questions just let him know via that ticket. Have a nice day!


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