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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by immediate, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. immediate

    immediate Sky Marshal

    The first time I got told that my site was down by one of my clients, I didn't bother to check because it's easily something wrong with his / her own internet connection.

    But after another 2 clients informed me of my site down time, I'm starting to sweat. However, the weird thing is, I checked my site from several different proxies in United States and it seems perfectly fine.

    All of the 3 clients are in United States. I sent a reply to the last one asking which state and ISP he is using but he hasn't got back to me yet.

    So is it possible that my server at knownhost was intermittently inaccessible from some specific regions / states / cities / IP ranges of US?
  2. immediate

    immediate Sky Marshal

    My client replied with some more details:

    I live in the state of Colorado, USA. My ISP is Qwest. Two nights ago I was able to get to your site. Since then I cannot. Nothing has changed on my side as far as I know.

    Here is a couple of interesting facts: After reading your first response to me, concerning where I could see some sample data, I was able to access the site. I was able to view sample “event” data and sample “birth days” data at this URL:

    However the third time I tried to access a sample, the site became inaccessible.

    As of now, over 36 hours later, I cannot access your site from either IE 9 or Firefox 5. I have cleared the cache on both.

    I am able to access the site on my ‘smart phone’ (Opera browser).

    I cannot tell if something on my end is blocking access to the site. I do not get any ‘warnings’ or ‘alerts’ from my security software that tells me that the site was blocked.

    It will be hard doing business under this kind of condition…

    I hope you can work things out,
  3. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Sounds like your user's IP might be blocked in the firewall configuration. Ask your client to go to and tell you their current IP address then go to WHM >> Plugins >> ConfigServer Security&Firewall >> Search for IP to see if it is blocked and why and then try to remove it from the block list using the "Remove Deny" functionality.
  4. immediate

    immediate Sky Marshal

    Thanks! I found it. I edited the /etc/csf/csf.deny file. It's the same with editing from WHM right?

    Quite some users asked me about this, probably 10 of them. They are just ordinary users and potential customers. Is there any chance we can ease the rules a little bit so normal website visitors wouldn't get banned?

    Or I would definitely lose sales because of this. Thanks!

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