similar hardware to kh migration questions


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Currently using, [let's call them FH] on their $40/mo plan that has:
Control Panel Included [WHM or Nodeworx/Interworx]
SSD 40 GB*
1 IP
CENTOS 7.7 virtuozzo WHM v86.0.4
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2430 v2 @ 2.50GHz
Speed 2499.901 MHz Cache 15360 KB
Total processors: 24

and am looking to the knownhost Basic VPS Server that has:
2 Core CPU Processor
2 GB Guaranteed RAM
50 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
2 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
DirectAdmin or cPanel/WHM
CENTOS 7.7 virtuozzo WHM v84.0.21
Total processors: 2
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz
Speed 1994.384 MHz MHz Cache 20480 KB

I'm looking at alternative to FH as I believe their support has dropped the ball over the last 3 years. I could be incorrect here, but I think they outsource their support to VIPoint in India.
Q: Does KH outsource support?

Note: If you don't need support perhaps FH might be a great option. I have been happy with the server speed, usually below .5 [except for an almost daily outage for about 2 minutes at the same time, non peak time, no crons running and support have never identified the issue, claiming various issues such as cron and other things and never directly answering if it is an abusive client or server backups] and another support issue where an upgrade was quoted as a .5 to .75 hour task ended up being 12.5 hours with laggy updates at to what was happening [3 hours to respond and many different 'names' appearing to respond each time in reply] and in the end, the reason was the upgrade wasn't even achieved. So now I'm too scared to ask them to do it again in case I have a repeat of the same experience.

My main account on WHM has a forum and the main concern I would have with knownhost is the processor count as FH have 24 vs 2 at knownhost when looking at comparable hardware and pricing.

So my main question would be:
Q: Feedback from any KH customers that have come from a similar plan to FH's to KH's and what was your speed like with the difference in processors?
- or knownhost sales/support - any comments regarding processor offerings from you vs fh?

Migration is a concern as being a forum, would like to minimize downtime, however when I ask or research this I find most answers are reduce TTL which I get, but I don't get which ones - there are many listed:
Q: Details of which TTL to reduce - in WHM via the DNS zone, BasicWebHostManager setup and more again in cPanel, via RDNS provided by existing webhost?

Q: If you migrate an account [cpanel to cpanel], what happens to other settings that may be customized in WHM / Is there a comprehensive list or checklist of items that need updating or checking during/after migration that customers can use such as
Server Time
FTP server selection
Mailserver configuration

SPF - ip address change

All of this is likely moot points anyway if the processor question is the overall issue.
@TasTiger thanks for reaching out to us.

> Q: Does KH outsource support?

No, we do not outsource support. All staff are direct employees of our company.

> FH have 24 vs 2 at knownhost when looking at comparable hardware and pricing.

So, this is the old method of divvying up resources. What ends up happening is you are fighting for CPU time among all of the other VPS's. The proper method is to assign dedicated resources to a VPS, which you are guaranteed to have full access to, thus you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get, keeping expectations properly defined for clients.

The one issue you may run into, is if you actually are using more than 2 cpu cores worth of processing, we can help address that with various software pieces, optimization recommendations, or depending upgrades to more cores.

> Q: Details of which TTL to reduce

Technically you want to focus on the main A records TTL. So if you're editing a DNS zone file for, reduce the TTL for the A record, MX record, and www CNAME entry.

> what happens to other settings that may be customized in WHM

This is no direct method to copy this data, we compare many of the settings between servers, including PHP variables etc, however if you know you're using a custom CSF blocklist for instance, just tell us about it during the migration and we can specifically look for it and copy it over.

> SPF - ip address change

cPanel does update these during a migration. (most of the time).

Any other questions don't hesitate to ask!