Shared SSL Configuration


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Trying to give the admins a break here, they've had too many questions from us I think! (Although they have been a terrific help so kudos to the support staff we do appreciate it!)

So we thought maybe a community member might have been through this.

Being new to the VPS world & SSL setups, I am wondering if anyone would be so kind as to share their thoughts on the best way to set up shared SSL for the setup I will describe below.

We have the VPS-XLtx with cPanel, with the two default IP addresses, and are trying to set up 3 areas:

OurMainDomain.COM (front end CMS, with forums & to purchase subscriptions, already an existing site that we are moving over)


OurMainDomain.NET (support site, where subscribed users sign in and access support system, etc, Just a domain name right now)


UNDER 'OurMainDomain.NET', we would have Add-On domains for clients, where we supply them with specific tools.

We would like SSL to be available under all of these accounts in one way or another.

My question is, does the following make sense:

In order to provide SSL for OurMainDomain.COM (for placing orders, etc.) we set it up as our primary account and assign our IP address to it, and apply the SSL certificate.

If we were to just leave it at that, then we add OurMainDomain.NET without a dedicated IP, add the subdomains under that, and they would all inheret 'Shared-SSL' from the .COM - is that correct?

Now what would happen if we assigned our second IP to 'OurMainDomain.NET' and added a second certificate? Would the sub-domains under it inheret the .NET certificate, or the .COM?

I am being told we are better off getting 2 SSL certs, so that the users of the sub-domains of the .NET account see the .NET designation in the https URL (instead of the .COM), so that it is consistent with the concept that the .NET is the 'support' domain - but I'm not clear on if it would actually function this way.

Any ideas or even a link to a discussion somewhere that seems to fit my situation would be very much appreciated (I've been looking but apparently not making the proper search to match this situation...)


Well, I have now been schooled on shared SSL certs (thanks to another member here) and have come to understand that they are not the same in functionality when applied to a VPS as they were on a shared hosting account (at least the one we were with). So in the end, my questions above make absolutely no sense at all! :eek: Please disregard, sorry...