Shared or VPS? Wordpress blog


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I have a wordpress blog which receives between 1500 and 2000 visitors per day, approximately 10,000 page hits per day. The Site uses approximately 1Gb of disk space and 20Gb to 50Gb of bandwidth per month.

Could you please suggest whether I would be better off with a shared plan or a VPS based on my current usage? I am currently on a shared plan with LiquidWeb which is rather expensive for what is on offer (US$30 per month).

Thanks for any suggestions.
Hello grahamrb,

First, thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Based on your current usage and price you pay I'd recommend a VPS simply due to what you get for your money and it will allow you to grow and add more sites. With shared (our shared is very basic with little resources) you would be looking to upgrade in the near future which would involve DNS changes, etc so personally speaking I'd go VPS. You currently use cPanel so we can migrate all the data for you as well. Please check our specials page as we do have a promotion you can take advantage of. It is for the VPS L and larger for monthly payments. It includes 50% off the first two months followed by a 10% lifetime discount. Any further questions let us know.