Shared or VPS for SMF+Joomla!




I`m looking for hosting, but I`m not sure what should I choose.

I have forum (SMF) + Joomla! site. It is a football fun web site with about 900-1100 visits per day and 45000-65000 hits per day.
I have 1200 members and 10-50 people online at the same time.

Until now I had shared hosting, but somehow my web site are taking too much processor resources (even just SMF) and my account is suspended. I changed two hosting companies and had the same problem. I don`t know are they oversellers or what, but now all I want is reliable host.

Q: Is shared hosting enough for my demands, or I should take VPS (L maybe?)

Thank you and sorry for my not so good english.

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. If your intentions are to continue to grow (I am sure it is), I'd say make the jump to a VPS now. What control panel do you currently use? The VPS L with either cPanel, Plesk, or Directadmin would be a nice hosting plan for you and if you currently use one of these control panels we can take care of migrating all your data. Any further questions please let us know.

Hello Jay,

Thank you for your answer.
Of course we would like to grow, so we`ll probably take VPS L.
That is for start, and later we could upgrade, or maybe take VPS M, but with more RAM.
We don`t need too much disk space and bandwidth (we are using 1.5GB disc space now, and bandwidth for last month was less then 15GB), so for us it`s better to use our budget for RAM.

We use cPanel, and I will check about migrating of our data with our host.

We are looking forward to see our web site on KnownHost VPS.
My web site is on KH VPS L now, and I am very satisfied.
Everything works perfect!

Only thing is that Disk Usage statistics shows that I`m using 3.2GB, but I have just one account with about 730MB. I suppose that is because of cPanel/WHM and the other things on my VPS. This is probably logic conclusion, but as I said, this is my first VPS. :p

I would like to thank KH team for successfully and very fast migration of my data from my old host. Thank you. ;)
Nikola, very glad to see you here! I'm sure you, like many of us here, will find that KnownHost are the best to be found anywhere.

Welcome to the KH Community. :)