Shared hosting limits


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I'm looking for plans to recommend to a friend, and was wondering whether there are other limits to consider aside space and bandwidth.

I'm talking talking about sites that stay within the upper range of space and bandwidth usage, but are resource-intensive. Such as vBulletin or IP.Board, or other comparable setups. Specifically, a forum with 50 daily posts and 8500 daily topic views.

Will that site on the base plan of 1.5/10 GB have the admins go grumpy? :) < That outlines some of the resource usage limits.

Anyways, I have a small forum, which gets ~12-20ish posts a day, not as many page views as you (Maybe about ~3-4k) and I have the Web Macro plan and the most I use is about 5-6GB a month of bandwidth, I would recommend you recommend that plan to them as well as 10GB might be a little low for that site from what it sounds.

Maybe not, but I do suppose it depends on the amount of images and content.