Shared hosting capabilities




I'm currently using a shared hosting plan and starting to use more scripts to generate more dynamic pages. Twice now I've had problems with my current plan because I have gotten a burst of activity on the web site, and my current hosting company has said my site has used too many resources at that time. I would prefer to stay with shared hosting so I don't have to do as much to manage the site.

Am I likely to have the same problems with your shared hosting plans?

If I started with a shared hosting account with you, how hard would it be to transition to a VPS account later?

How much speed difference is there typically between pages deliveried from a shared hosting account and a VPS account?

Do any of your plans come with FastCGI, Zend PHP optimizer, and Ruby on Rails?


A shared hosting account here or anywhere but to understand your current problem I need more details. What did your current host say you are exceeding in terms of resources? With knowing this I can answer your question.

Moving from shared to VPS we would need to change your IP's but in general we would do the migration free of charge.

The speed of a site with shared vs. VPS all depends on the resources you have with each plan. In a VPS you are fully isolated so have your own dedicated Disk Space and RAM. CPU has soft limits meaning you can use the same CPU in shared as VPS but the same rule applies to both. With no hosting plan we offer you can exceed 25% of the full servers CPU for over 90 seconds. If so you are in violation of our AUP. We take this seriously simply due to the fact it negatively effects the rest of our clients on that server.

Shared hosting plans don't have Ruby on Rails but our cPanel VPS's you can add it no problem or we will for you. Zend Optimizer is on shared plans as well VPS's. FastCGI can be installed in a VPS but is not included in shared and reseller plans.

Hope this helps.