Shared files and folder/directory/file access path?


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Question 1.
Shared files and folder/directory/file access path by sites hosted on different cpanel accounts.

For example, some of my sites, both php and wordpress sites, use php include statements for reading various files. So I want to include the php files in a 'shared access' folder / directory. In other words, a folder / directory created on the server that is accessible by sites hosted in each cpanel account. This method means I only need to create 1 folder / directory which stores the php files which can be access by all my sites accross the different cpanel accounts.

Here are examples of possible directory path locations I've seen while logged in via filezilla SSH:

1. /home/primary_domain_cpanel_account/public_html/shared_folder

2. /home/shared_folder

3. /root/shared_folder

4. /root/public_html/shared_folder

So, which folder location path allows access by all cpanel account sites?

Question 2.
On my new SSD VPS, I've created 3 cpanel accounts using WHM: 1 for the primary VPS account KH signup; and 2 other cpanel accounts for domain/site hosting.

I've setup Filezilla FTP access to all 3 accounts. However, it apprears that only when I'm logged into the server using WHM credentials 'root' and password, that I can edit directory/folder names on all 3 cpanel accounts.

When I log into one of the other sites using Filezilla using the cpanel's username and password, I can not edit/change folder names. I tried to change directory permissions, but the changes did not take effect.

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I'm no expert, but I would think it's just a case of setting the correct permissions on the shared directories, and then adding symlimks to the directory/ies in each user directory. However it's possible there are other security implications to consider that I'm not aware of.

For the ftp issue, check your ftp user and be sure you're logging in to the separate Chanel accounts with the right ftp credentials?

Good luck and merry Christmas!