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    Hi all - total noob here,

    I searched the forums and did not see this question asked specifically so, here goes:
    Currently, I have no backup set to happen on my server - except the one that KnownHost does every other day. I want to setup the backup of my server through the option in cPanel.

    I pretty much understand everything until I get down to the bottom - the part where it says to pick a path for the backup. Don't put it on /home, etc.

    My question is this - should I make a new directory on my server, maybe called /backup? I am not sure if there is enough space on the server HD to do this. OR should I plan on using FTP after the backup is completed to download the file (I am assuming it will be a tar.gz file) to my in house HD? Since I have NO idea how to do this automatically through FTP, so manual is my only option as of now.

    I have heard that 1) I need a second HD for this and 2) that HD needs at least twice the amount of space needed for the backup.

    Not entirely sure how to proceed and don't want to until I understand more about the process.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    I can't think of any reason why it would matter where you put the backup unless doing so would overwrite another file with the same name. Whether or not you have enough disk space to store them is something you'll have to keep an eye on.
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    cctech, it is a very good question. I was troubled by this as well. In general if you wanted to tell cPanel to create an entire backup of your hosting accounts and configurations then you would need double the space you currently want to back up. It does pose a problem on VPSes cause we dont have 2nd HD, we would just need to spend a bit of money doubling our HD space - not too fun.

    You do have a few options though: You can use something like rsync which is a which is linux software that synchronizes files and directories from one location to another and you would tell rsync to backup specific folders(like your /www/ folder as supposds to telling cPanel to back all the hosting folders to one compressed ZIP and then afterwards FTPing it somewhere. Doing it the rsync [directly backing up the folders] way, you don't need double the HD space.

    Another option which I once inquired about with cPanel staff(FYI I dont have cPanel now but at one point wanted to switch):

    I asked a cPanel rep about the FTP backup fuction in WHM giving him the scenario following scenario:

    He replied the following:

    As he suggested to me, you better check it out for yourself but it should work as he told me.

    Hope this helps,

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