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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by K24, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. K24

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    Need some advice and tips.

    Currently I dont host any sites for clients, but been considering it to help cover costs.
    Im unsure how to set the prices for a hosting package based on my current vps, so its practical for me yet cost effective for the client.

    I also dont want it to use extra resources on my end and put my site out.
    I have about 2/3 clients ready and waiting, and getting new clients would not be a problem for me.
    I dont want to move upto a large account not untill my client list grows, just to make sure im not put out.

    In the past the most I've done is create designs or set up sites for clients, as for hosting Ive just sent them elsewhere, since I too used shared hosting before I moved over onto vps here.So vps is all knew to me, so far its been great on here.

    Any help on this would be great and I would defo value everyones opinion
  2. Jeren

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    Well, I think a good place for you to start would be to pre-determine what needs your clients will have. What kind of bandwidth usage and disk space will they need? Once you have that, you could look at other shared hosting providers to get an idea of what they cost for a similar package (or something proportionally bigger) and then scale your cost accordingly. I would say that even using KH's shared hosting as an example might work for you. (Which is found at, if you needed a link)

    However you do it, make sure you give them what they will need but at a reasonable price. That way, your clients won't feel like you're charging them too much, or trying to make a ton of money for hosting with you. You obviously have a reputation as a designer, and if word gets out that you'll host their sites for a reasonable price, too, that will only help you.
  3. K24

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    Yehhh!! My main concern is the pricing...Most the sites or designs I work on are just basic html...sites with script gallerys, non mysql database type sites, just small business ventures.
    I have more questions, but Just wanna get the pricing set up, cheers for the link and idea.

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