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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by Ole, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Ole

    Ole New Member

    Hello. In the welcoming email it has told me to add my own name servers to an existing domain at my registra.

    I registered my domain name at So what i did was unlock the domain, and then add the two nameservers i was provided. I'm not sure if it worked or not as they are still set to the same nameservers.

    I was told i'd have to wait up to 48hours for it to change... but i was wondering if there is anyway to know if it is actually trying to change to those new name servers. Like some sort of status of the current domain name.

    I setted up my account name servers in the control panel. I hope i did it right. I ran through the wizard and added the IP to the name servers and the A bit.(not sure what that was about).

    Hope you can give me some info. Sorry i'm very new :) Thanks!
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello Ole and welcome to KH :)

    It sounds like you've gotten things set up correctly and now you just play the waiting game.

    One thing you can do is a dig here. Leave the name server blank, enter the domain in question, change the drop box to Any and click Perform Query then it will do a dig on the domain name against their own DNS server which will tell you if it's propagated to them. DNS changes are a crap shoot as to how long it will take to propagate as some ISPs are very slow at updating their server and yet others take place in hours.

    Hope that helps
  3. Ole

    Ole New Member

    I did that DIG thing and it says the domain name servers are still with :p Mind you, i updated them like an hour ago X)
  4. MadMax

    MadMax New Member

    Using Go Daddy, once I pointed my servers at the IP addresses supplied by KH, the change happened immediately, and we were able to proceed with setup.
  5. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Yeah, I think it really depends on the registrar. With Namecheap(at the time reselling for enom), when I would change nameservers the change took minutes to propagate.
  6. drwhit73

    drwhit73 Member

    Yeah I use namecheap and changes usually happen in minutes for me. When I had it with Yahoo, it took quite a while
  7. Ole

    Ole New Member

    Hey guys.

    So my nameservers have updated :D Only... when i visit the domain it still takes me to my old host.

    it says that my new nameservers are up :X

    I havn't uploaded any files to my new server (on knownhost) so it should just send me to the default index page right X)?
  8. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    It resolved to vz52-tx which is a KH server here for me :)
  9. pmcwebs

    pmcwebs Member

    If you do a check here: you can see the dns as it updates world wide. If you are still going to your old host I'd say that the dns has been cached on your system.
  10. Ole

    Ole New Member

    arhhh how do i uncache the dns on my system :X?
  11. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Without knowing what your OS is I'll assume Windows XP. Normally a reboot clears the DNS cache in Windows but you can also run ipconfig /flushdns in a cmd window too.

    Most likely it is your ISP who is not updating their DNS though and all you can do there is wait.

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