Setting and 'index page' in a cgi-bin directory

Hi Dandello,

What does it say in the Apache error log? My guess is that it will be a premature end of script headers message. Did you put the perl shebang in the file? Something like this: '#!/usr/bin/perl -w'.

Not that I have experience in this lol but that's what a Google search turned up and from the forbidden error that's what it sounds like.
I just get a 403 - forbidden. It doesn't go to the assigned index page at all. (A 500 error would at least indicate it found a script and when that Perl script is called by a direct link, it works fine. The actual assigned index is but I didn't want to post that as we have spammer issues on top of everything else.) ''DirectoryIndex' (But the fact that you got a 500 on something gives me something to check.)

Edited: Nope - index.html throws a 500 error when called from the cgi-bin. So how do I get index.html to render?
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Hi Dandello,

Check your directory and file permissions as well as file ownership. Also, what do the global and custom (if enabled) Apache logs say about it?
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Okay - the error in the errorlog is :
[Mon Sep 23 11:53:38 2013] [error] [client] attempt to invoke directory as script: /home/yabber/public_html/yabb254/cgi-bin/yabb2/

Which tells me that the 'DirectoryIndex' parameter in htaccess in that directory isn't being invoked at all. What am I doing wrong? (And where should I look to fix it?)

What's in the htaccess is
DirectoryIndex index.html
Options -Indexes
1) Does .htaccess in the cgi-bin directory allow going into subdirectories? maybe some rewrite rules or permissions don't?
2) Does apache allow overrides for cgi-bin/yabb2 directory?
3) Shouldn't you have at least +ExecCGI in the cgi-bin/yabb2/.htaccess file? Perhaps a handler for perl files as well?
I honestly have no idea on any of those questions. I know, aside from doing some .htaccess edits for redirects, I haven't changed much from what comes standard with theVPS2 package. (Added some accounts, added some Perl Modules.)

I figure I don't need to add +ExecCGI to the .htaccess file in that sub-directory since I know for a fact that my Perl scripts are running fine. I'm now guessing I'll have to ask support.
Did a bit more research. I think the issue has to do with suexec not permitting 'web' access so .html files aren't recognized or accessed when in the cgi-bin. Maybe.
Hi Dandello,

You never said anything about html files in the cgi-bin. You would be correct in that they can't be in there. You can make calls to them in other directories in a script file though of course.