Servername or IP, or Domain in Invoices


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Feedback/Suggestion When sensing invoices notifications:

If you are having a lot of servers at KH, it would provide us better overview to include the server description or name in the invoice. Also, when a server gets suspended, you don't know which server KH is referring to.

I need to manual login check the whole list. (because terminated servers are also listed, not only active) or go through all invoices.

This is a notice that your invoice ####### has been generated for services by KnownHost LLC on 11/14/2014.

Invoice number: #######
Total Due: $##
Due Date: 11/16/2014

You may login to view your invoice online here:

Example II:

Notice: Your account has been suspended pending payment of outstanding debts.

Invoice Amount : $##
Invoice Due Date : 11/06/2014

You may login to view your invoice(s) online here:


Can you please include the name of the server in the mail which you are referring to. Since your emails are automated by cron it should be very easy to include a [server_name] or something in the subject or template.

It's very common to include in a mail, specially an invoice email for what the service is for.

I hope this gets implemented.

First quarter of 2015 is nearly passed. any news?

The testing phase is cranking up heavy over the next month or two. I hate giving time lines but assuming all goes well hopefully we're looking at a 3-4 month ETA, maybe sooner.