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I'm in search of a new VPS provider after finding out how feeble my current environment is. Due to a large influx of bounced emails being generated as a result of spammers using bogus email addresses from one of my domains, my server has been having performance problems due to errors as a result of to many files open at a time.

When I check my environment the setting for numfiles is 1280, which my ISP claims they can't adjust. I'm assuming this is low and was wondering what the setting would be on VPS server here and if the limit could be raised.

I've checked to make sure my server isn't listed on the spam blacklists. Since support from my current provider appears to be non-existent, I ended up making changes to the Sendmail setting to reduce it's memory requirements. Should I continue to encounter problems would support here be able to suggest Sendmail tuning settings?

Thank you for your interest in KnownHost.

Our per plan numfile resource limits are:

VPS M - 8730
VPS L - 9754
VPS XL - 10778
VPS XXL - 12288
VPS Triple X - 16384

These limits are pretty much set so if you started with the VPS M plan for example and needed more numfile resources you would need to move up to the next plan.

I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks, well it certainly gives me more than I have now... Is there a way to monitor over time the number of open files to see if it's getting close to the limit or how often it's happening?

With Virtuozzo VPS you can monitor this using the following command:
grep numfile /proc/user_beancounters

Second column will show current usage of the numfile resource, i.e.:

# grep numfile /proc/user_beancounters
            numfile            1249       1273      10778      10778          0

In the example above current usage for the numfile resource is 1249 our of 10778.

On a somewhat related note...our VPS (XL California) is showing 8192 available. I assume this is something I should bring up with Support?
And in case anyone else might read this later on and wonder what happened...

Support fixed this in a matter of minutes. Ticket opened at 6:41pm. Issued fixed at 6:45pm.

Yet another example of the AMAZING support here at KH. Keep it up guys! :)
What is the numfile maximum for Hybryd accounts?

What is the numfile maximum for Hybryd accounts?