Second Site On VPS Needs SSL

3x WHM VPS + Growing
Hello all,

I just wanted to check that I am doing/thinking the right thing.

My VPS comes with 2 IPs, there is already an SSL cert installed on a subdomain linked to one of these IP addresses.

I now need an SSL for another domain which is currently under the shared IP on this VPS. Do I do this:

1. Get an extra IP address.
2. Assign the domain from the shared IP to its own new IP address.
3. Generate the CSR for the domain just moved.
4. Install the SSL on that domain.

It is ok to have multiple SSLs installed on a VPS right ?

Have to check as I don't want to cause problems for the existing site and its SSL cert.

Your plan looks good. And yes - you can install multiple certificate inside your VPS with no problems as long as you have dedicated IP for each SSL cert.