Second IP not showing in DA Panel?


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Ok, I'm brand new to VPS moving over from a couple of reseller accounts with DA.

I've gotten everything pretty much working, and have moved one of my reseller accounts over.

I was assigned two IP addresses with my plan. The first is working great and shows up in DA as being assigned to the server - shared. However, my second IP address is nowhere to be found. I'm not able to assign it to any accounts or even see it in DA. I did manage to get it to show up by adding it through the admin area of DA, but it shows up as "free," and can only be assigned to a single user.

Is there any way that I can make the second IP shared much like the first one in order to spread my load across the two IP addresses? Or should I not even worry, and use the single IP address?

There won't be a LOT of domains on my account, maybe 20 at the most initially.

Thanks in advance

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From what I'm reading, I don't think I can assign it to the server as there is only 1 IP for that.

However, I would like to be able to make it available to share between other domains if that is prudent.
Hi Baigainti and welcome to KH :) I do believe I know you from another host's forums LOL

I don't know DA so I can't help much other than to say that I think you should shoot a ticket off to support and I am sure they will fix you right up!
You can only share 1 ip per server. That is for any control panel you use.

With your second IP, I would route that to your most important domain. And then take that domain away from the shared IP.

The benefit of this is so you can get a higher PageRank from Google. On top of that, you could do more technical things, BUT I'm not going to go in depth about that.