Scale tickets or support operator change.


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If a KH support operator can not resolve a ticket, the customer have the option to be scaled or changed to another operator.

In the event this happens, you can always ask for the ticket to be assigned to someone else, or escalated to management. I can see a button for this getting integrated into the helpdesk at some point in the future.

Thanks for the recommendation.
I've asked several times to escalate a ticket which was NEVER done. Support was unable to find out why there were so many open connections on my VPS, they even said everything was fine while all sites on my VPS gave a time-out. I even proved this with reports from

I then spent some time myself finding out why there were so many connections and was able to fix it myself. Not what I expect from a MANAGED service...

If you request a ticket to be escalated, the tech should do so. Can you please send me over the ticket number where this did not happen so I take the appropriate action as necessary?


You can check ticket 342131 where I asked 2 times to have the ticket escalated, which was not done.


I see what you're talking about in that ticket. It doesn't look like your request was completely ignored on purpose. It was likely during a very heavy ticket period of the day.

I'll talk to everyone to make sure details like this are caught as they should be so tickets are handled properly as per your requests.
Thanks Jonathan! Don't get me wrong, I'm very satisfied with the service and uptime. However, I feel that some support operators tend to ignore tickets, while others spend a lot of time to actually fix things. Luckily, I've seen more of the latter one :)