Safe Port (Europe Clients)


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Hi KH community,
We want to know if we, being spanish, can host with you without any problem with Safe Port policies from Europe.

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. We have many customers from Europe. We are not familiar with Safe Port policies from Europe. Can you elaborate a bit on this?

Hi Joel,
I'm sorry but i don't have more info about this. But it is a policy from Europe Union.

It says what we need (To host in USA) a company what agree with this policies.
Do you have a link to this policy from the European Union? It's tough to say yes this can be done without knowing what it is.

Anyone else on the forum know what this is? ??

We don't allow gambling sites so that would mean the answer is no. Best of luck.

So you are worried that your European clients' data is not fully protected when on US based servers ? I would think this kind of protection might go beyond KH and is something the Colo4dallas (or other datacenters) support one way or another. Thats what I understand from it anyway, I am sure others will clarify and correct me :)

This is not something we support. We discussed it internally and this isn't something we are looking to add.