Ruby on Rails


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How are you doing?

Well i heard that CPanel 11 would support Ruby On Rails just using /scripts/installruby but does anyone of you are using ROR on Cpanel Servers?

How do you deploy and run an application?

There's quite a bit more to building a Rails application than just installing the Ruby interpreter and the framework, and cPanel isn't really going to help you much with any of that stuff. I would suggest reading the Rails documentation, but it's horrible. Try Dave Thomas' book.
I personally have disabled Ruby on my VPS. To be honest I wouldn't have thought a VPS would handle Ruby on Rails very well. Cpanel VPSs are hard enough to keep stable.... RoR is another process to be running...

What does everybody else feel about this?

Ruby and Rails are two completely different things and neither of them have anything to do with cPanel, so I'm not sure your fears of instability are justified there. Either way, if you don't use it there's certainly no reason to install it.
I personally wasn't linking the two, I was simply saying that on a VPS running cPanel is hard enough to keep stable as cPanel is a memory hog. If you were to introduce a new process which I imagen is also a resource hog you would probably run into trouble...