RoundCube Mail


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I would like to suggest adding Roundcube mail to the list of webmail options in cPanel. This is being suggested for the resellers. Maybe get rid of neomail, or one if the other ones and utilize this great program. This allows HTML and is VERY user friendly. I use it on my personal domain but it would be great to offer it to others under a reseller account.

I hope you take this suggestion highly!


I will pass this up to the proper person to look into. I offhand haven't heard much about it. What do you know about integration with cPanel? If it is just added via the interface and publicly supported by cPanel I see no reason not to do it.


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That is a great question. It’s possible that they may not because it’s a fairly new web mail program out there. If that is a reason to not pursue this request at this time, I definitely think its something to keep your eyes on closely.

Just a side note. I have been running it for about 4-5 months and have had no problems at all.