Rocketvps - My emails go to Spam


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This is my first post here. I have a vps from Rocketvps with WHM and Cpanel. I setup the vps and as I had only one IP address I assigned to my both nameservers. I enabled spf and dkim. checked my IP in spam databases (it is clean) but still my emails from this vps go directly in spam.
Could somebody please help me

This is usually indicative of spam-like content or a domain-based blacklisting. It's usually not tied to IP reputation.

Ensuring correct rDNS and SPF are certainly ways to help mitigate this happening but it sounds like you've got that setup right.
But I have registered my domain just a few days ago. I just send test emails which are like 'hello your order is being processed' or something like that. but they all go to spam.
Hate to say it, but that sounds pretty spammy - especially if you by chance have a link in there. You need to get people to mark your email as not spam and that should help.

It's hard to build good email reputation these days and most filters especially on larger providers like Gmail and Hotmail are defaulting to "spam" when in doubt it seems.