Reverse DNS question


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So I ran one of my domains though dnsstuff, and got the error about RDNS:

"ERROR: The IP of one or more of your mail server(s) have no reverse DNS (PTR) entries"

I have searched the forums, and realize setting up RDNS is just a support ticket away. I looked in the Knowledgebase", and found this question and answer:

"Can you setup reverse DNS entry for the IP address of my VPS?"

"Yes, we can setup custom reverse DNS entry for you. Once you receive the login information for your new VPS, please open a support ticket at and let us know what names you will want your IP's to be resolved to."

The question I have is this? I would assume I would want my IP's to resolve to my hostname ( right?

The way the answer is worded makes me wonder if I thinking correctly.

Am I wrong or am I right?

Hello Nalco,

Yes you want RDNS to be set up to resolve to your server name.

You can set it up to resolve to one of your domains if you want but keep in mind that all email going through the server (for all the domains you host) will have that same RDNS.

Hope that helps
I had this problem and got solved immediately after I submitted a ticket
Thanks to knownhost for it's fast support.