Restart Spamd?


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Hey all...

I know this is a complete n00b question, but then... I'm a complete n00b. :)

I've managed to install SpamAssassin. I've even started working on using the autolearn function and I'm editing some custom rulesets. However, in order to take advantage of my changes, I need to restart Spamd.

I've tried a number of commands, but no matter what I've come up with, it will error out.

Any help is appreciate.

For CentOS, should be "service spamd restart"

What errors are you getting?

The exact error that I'm getting is here:

spamd: unrecognized service

spamd does seem to be running, and spam emails are actively being captured, so I'm pretty sure that it is working.

The only solution that I have found so far is to reboot the server and that is not ideal!
Am I correct in assuming that a restart of exim will also restart the spamd service?

that seems to be what I'm reading.