Response Ratings on Tickets


Inside the support tickets, there are Response Ratings and Overall Satisfaction ratings? Are these monitored? Is it worth my time to rate the tickets or is it set up by default?

Also, is there a way to close a ticket myself, or do I have to wait the 72 hours for it to close? I like to eliminate any unnecessary emails when I can, and these (announcing that the ticket will close, and when it's closed) would be on the list to stop.




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The ratings are used so rating tickets is a good idea to help us improve things.

Let me see what I can come up with on the closing ticket thing for ya. Currently I don't think we have it setup to allow customers to close tickets.


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Nice! Thanks Jonathan! I was adding a reply asking the tech to close tickets. Now I don't have to waste support's time asking them.


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Indeed, it's because the text of the priority "Critical (Service Down)" which is quite long. Maybe the "Type" (Issue) can be removed from the ticket view to have more space available for the priority.