Reseller Questions



Hi from Turkey,

First of all, sorry for my probable grammer mistakes... I'm not good at English :)

I have a small reseller from another company (uses WHM and cPanel) and i'm thinking about to sign up a reseller from KnownHost...

My basic question is, how can i transfer my all sites (with SQLs, email accounts etc.) from old reseller to new one? I'm not skilled about this, can KnownHost stuff help me about this, and how?

Thanks for your answer...


Yes we can do a migration for you as long as there is a backup icon in the cPanel interface. Moving from control panel to control panel is something that we do for serveral customers. The key is the source server having this backup with a reseller account or root access with a VPS account.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

So, you can do this migration for me? Right?
Well then, will I pay anything about this migration? (Some companies demand a fee per site)

One more thing, I'm looking for Back-up menu in my WHM but there is not... Is that normal?
We will not charge for the migration. The backup icon is in the cPanel interface not WHM itself. We can move it if that is there. How many accounts?

Well, this is a good news :)

* * *

I have 14 Accounts on my current reseller...
And, will I ask a new question :)

My reseller's main domain expires, and now I use the WHM acoount on another domain... I hope that's not a problem for migration...

I feel myself a little bit fastidious :)
Thanks for your informative answers...
Signing up with you is reasonable choise for me...