Reseller or VPS?


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Hi there!

I'm looking at switching hosting providers and will be going with KH.

Where I have questions is on if I want a reseller plan or a VPS.

For the last few years I've been with another provider and had a single shared account there for my own personal projects. Now, when a project got a new domain, I simply added an addon domain in cPanel, gave it a folder, and away I went.

I'm now looking to launch web development work on the side, so I'll need something a little more solid then a shared hosting plan. Most sites will be on a fairly small scale (Small business, real estate agents, and so on). Anyone needing something larger, I'll be pushing toward their own account.

I'm torn now between the Pro+/Expert reseller plans, and the M/L VPS plans with the cPanel/WHM addon.

Can someone give me some guidance as to what the differences are and which might be best for me? I can obviously see the differences between the plans... I'm looking more for the reseller vs VPS differences.

Also, if I do end up on a reseller plan (Say, the Pro+), can it upgrade to the Expert? And then to a VPS if needed?

Thanks for the help. I look forward to becoming a happy KH Customer. :)

Thanks for the questions. Basically, comparing a Reseller plan to VPS is quite simple. Having a VPS is just like having your own server as you have root access, your own control panel license, DNS, FTP, Mail server, etc. Reseller hosting you share these things with others such as your mail server and control panel. The amount of freedom with a VPS is much higher so you can install custom applications and upgrade things at your leisure.

Regarding upgrading from one Reseller plan to the next that is simple to do. Just email our Sales department and they will invoice you, once we get payment we will perform the upgrade. To upgrade from a Reseller to a VPS we would upgrade for you but the IP's would change so that would mean you would need to change DNS but other then that we will take care of the rest. So only going from the Reseller account to a VPS would there need to be some modifications from your end. Reason is in a VPS you get your own IP's. Any further questions let us know.


KnownHost; where buying VPS hosting is straightforward and easy.
So to upgrade from reseller to VPS, I would have to change DNS info. That's easy. I have one more question.

Would both the reseller account and VPS account be mirrored for a short time to allow the new DNS info to propigate?

Sharing resources on a reseller/shared server has never been a problem for me as it's what's been done in the past. I trust that you guys follow up to make sure people aren't spamming, or making use of servces beyond their means anyway.

... Still kinda on the fence as to which way to go. Thanks for the info though Jay.

Personally, a VPS I would recommend if your on the fence. VPS is our focus and we know them well. We can help guide you.

If you have a Reseller plan it will still point to your nameservers as we build your VPS but there will be a period of time where the Internet needs to see the new DNS which does take a little time. We will make sure this is a smooth move however as we do many of these each day.

So I've been doing more and more research and am leaning heavilly to the VPS-L with cPanel/WHM, Fantastico, RVSkin, and an additional IP (On the reccomendation of a trusted friend).

Just one last question... I think.

What scares me is the thought of a naked server.... I'm used to getting a public_html, being told my settings, and just going from there.

Now, I do have a development evironment running at home... it's a WAMP box (Win2K, Apache, PHP 4, MySQL). But I'm gonna redo it once I have the new VPS...

But I'm wondering how exactly the VPS is setup when I get it.... As in, what software is installed... and what needs to be done? Will KH support help me through innitial setup if I need it? What's the fee for that?
When you get the VPS we will install cPanel which comes with Apache, MySQL, FTP, PHP, etc all ready for you to manage via the control panel itself. Yes, we will help you set things up (we don't support 3rd party applications but will help install with instructions provided). No fee's for any of that.

So.... it'll be just like getting a reseller account somewhere in terms of innitial setup... But I'll hve a lot more flexability... perfect.


Give me about 2 weeks to get things in order (Client/files/domains/so on) and you'll have yourself a new VPS client.

Thanks for the input, Jay.